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About us

Today many real estate projects are not realised because of lack of funding, which is something we want to remedy. The goal is to make it easy for individuals to invest in individual real estate projects, and offer attractive financing solutions for developers.

We are an alternative lender focusing on asset backed development and acquisition loans. We can offer bespoke loan solutions to our borrowing base as we have access to varied pools of capital, with a yearly lending target of over a billion kronor. Our competitive edge is due to a streamlined origination and underwriting process, which results in quicker loan solutions, bespoke terms and varied lending metrics for our borrowers.

The goal at SBP Nordic is to help with financing needs for their projects, and to offer attractive risk adjusted returns for our investors. Our retail investors can register as members and then get access to projects seeking funding. You do not have to be an expert on the subject or have millions in the bank to finance a real estate project – not if you have the right tools. Developers can approach SBP Nordic directly, or through their agent / broker.

SBP Nordic (with partners) assumes no responsibility for the content of the offerings or how it is interpreted and perceived. The decision to invest must be well founded and carefully thought out – first then, a a non-binding expression of interest should be made in the project you would like to fund.

SBP Nordiska AB that is a registered financial institution by the Swedish FSA.

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