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You can get funding for your projects through the platform. We offer crowdlending with the goal to help developers fund more projects. The banks regulations don’t have to be a problem anymore. With our method you as a developer can borrow money from up to 200 potential investors. The interest rate is depending on your credit score and the collateral you can provide. Bullet loan, amortization free. Normal interest rate is between 8-15% depending on the project.

When you choose crowdlending via SBP you don’t have to worry about losing control over your company. Our lenders are passive and don’t demand control of over your project. All you need to do is provide them with a short update each quarter about how the project is coming along.

Create leverage

With crowdlending you can create more leverage, since we often offer higher LTV rates than banks and other financial institutions.

Thanks to greater leverage on your existing capital, you have the opportunity to run multiple projects at the same time – alternatively, take on bigger projects than you normally can when using traditional methods for funding, such as bank loans and building credits. You also avoid other stakeholders and shareholders in your company, which is common when you apply for external capital. At SBP Nordic you can get funding without giving up ownership of your company.

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Why seek funding through SBP Nordic?

Higher loan to value ratio

Our members often accept higher loan to value ratios than the banks since the bank is governed by various capital adequacy requirements. Higher loan ratios will give you a stronger financial leverage and higher return on your equity.

It’s faster

Financing through our platform usually goes faster than at the bank – but time may vary depending on the type of project.

Customized financing

You will have the opportunity to market your investment with returns, terms and conditions that are customized for your particular project.

Financing even outside metropolitan areas

Our members are – to a greater extent than the bank – interested in financing real estate outside the metropolitan areas.

Less administration with passive investors

With the help of modern technology and automated processes, 200 digital investors will be easier to handle than a handful of manual investors with demands. In addition to quarterly updates published on the platform – in form of a few images and a brief text on how the project comes along – there are no actual requirements for ongoing communication with investors. They will not require ongoing meetings or financial reports.

Peer to peer business lending

When the project is approved, it is published on our platform. Next, members can read about it and form an opinion. If they consider it interesting they can start making reservations right away.

Lenders can stay updated on existing projects through the platform, where they have registered to gain access to the information. Apart from this, they are all passive. The platform guides them through the process which is digitized from start to finish.

Requirements of you as a project owner

Before your company is allowed to publish a project on the platform, it is subject to a company due diligence – to check that the owner and the board members don’t have a criminal record, many bankruptcies, foreclosures, etcetera. This applies to both the management and the company seeking capital. Management skills and experience to complete the project is also checked, together with the value of the existing collateral – for example, plots, real estate or other.

All Scandinavian limited companies are welcome to apply for funding. To ensure the quality of the projects and increase the security of the lenders, all loans that are marketed on the platform must be secured by mortgages in the form of shares, real estate, parental company or personal warranty.


Apply for funding

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