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Sweden was this close to get gold medal in housing queue

The Olympic Games in Japan have filled the days with all sorts of sports, sometimes sports or disciplines you may not even know existed. This year for those who lived like night owls or have that controversial Discovery +, that is. There are many disciplines in the Olympics, but not all world champions are decided there. Many champions and records are nominated by the Guinness World Record. Sweden was actually talking about getting a gold medal for the longest housing queue.

Sweden has this year during the Olympics taken heavy and impressive medals in everything from discus to football horse jumping. However, other kinds of world records are constantly being set in everything possible. It was the Member of Parliament and housing policy spokesman Robert Hannah (L) who six years ago was confused about the housing queues in Sweden, the worst was and is in Stockholm. He commented on the gender to the newspaper Göteborgsposten.


– In similarly large cities such as Oslo, Copenhagen and Amsterdam, it takes 1-2 two weeks to get a home. In Stockholm, the average queue time is 8.4 years. In other words, we put young people on a bare hill.


He believes that this does not only apply to Stockholm, but chose to focus on the capital for the record. He then chose to report the housing queue to Guinness World Records because he claimed that it was just a world record. His solution then was briefly free rent setting in new production (the cause of the recent government crisis) and the opportunity for construction companies to produce their own detailed plans.

At that time, no record was written in the ancient record book. However, the queue is still long and the housing shortage is a fact, which for many is obvious and is reminded daily.

What the demand looks like is one of several suitable aspects to include in your analysis when making an investment in one of the investment opportunities on SBP Nordic’s platform. In general, the housing pressure is high throughout the country, but doing your own analysis is always important and for those who are interested, there are almost endless sources of additional information about the housing market.






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