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SBP Nordic appoints new CEO and gets a new majority owner

Gothenburg, 20th June 2023 

SBP Nordic, through its parent company SBP Nordiska AB, has appointed a new CEO. Anton Ehrenström will assume the position as interim CEO from 20th June 2023. Ehrenström is an internal recruitment and most recently served as a credit analyst within the company. Additionally, he has several years of experience working as a credit analyst in the real estate sector at the Swedish bank, SEB.

“I look forward to leading the company alongside my colleagues. We have an interesting position in the market, especially with good access to institutional capital, which provides us with excellent conditions to deliver value to both borrowers and lenders,” says Anton Ehrenström.

The newly appointed CEO continues, “We will strengthen our relationships with our partners and stakeholders, thereby further increasing our presence in the market. The company’s operations have developed recently and will continue to do so. The segment where institutional capital is intermediated has grown significantly over the past year, and this will be a significant part of the company’s future growth.”

The ownership of the company has changed as of 19th June 2023. Lars Olofsson, who was the chairman of the board and a major shareholder also before the changes, becomes the majority owner. Olofsson, together with former and current employees, holds a 95 percent ownership stake.

The company’s focus will continue to be arranging secured commercial real estate loans in the Swedish market. Discussions are already underway with additional institutional sources of capital to enable the arrangement and financing of a broader range of real estate loans with the help of our institutional investors.

For further information, please contact: 
Anton Ehrenström, interim CEO
phone number +46 (0)76 125 27 66

About SBP Nordic 
SBP Nordic is a leading player in brokering secured Swedish loans in the commercial real estate credit space. The operations are based at the headquarters in Gothenburg, but the company arranges loans throughout Sweden.


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