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How the apartment expansion of the big cities in Sweden differs

The State Central Bureau of Statistics just released statistics for the first half of 2021. Here it can be read that as many as 34,300 apartments began to be built in Sweden. Is it a lot? In relation to the housing shortage and the population increase, this may not be the case, but it is in any case an increase of 25 percent compared with the same period last year. The two categories of apartments in detached houses, colloquially called villas, and apartments in apartment buildings increased by the same percentage. 6800 of the apartments started were in detached houses, however, the long-term trend here is fairly constant.

It is not only where the apartments are that is interesting to look at, also how they are handled after completion. 59 percent of the apartments are rental apartments.

Graf SCB lägenheter h1

Graph of started apartments in Sweden, from The State Central Bureau of Statistics. “Flerbostadshus” = Apartment buildings, “Småhus” = detached houses.

The graph shows that in a few years’ time, it has been apartments in apartment buildings that have contributed to the apartment additions in Sweden. Apartment buildings are defined as residential buildings containing at least three apartments.

That the housing shortage is noticeable in Sweden can be proven from several different sources. Maybe not least if you yourself are looking for housing, especially in the big cities. It is natural that most apartments are therefore built in the big cities, but not always in relation to its needs and existing size. An example of this is how in what is counted as Greater Gothenburg, just under 5,000 apartments are built compared with in Stockholm and Malmö, where the same figure is just over 7,000 and just under 2,000, respectively.

Analyzing the housing situation in regions may require further in-depth dives and is not always as easy as looking at a single half-year. Add that there may be different tolerances for commuting, where the Stockholmer generally tolerates longer commuting distances in everyday life and thus gets a larger accepted area to settle in to still mainly operate in Stockholm.

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