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How does my property investment affect the housing shortage?

The housing shortage is a major problem in several parts of the Sweden, especially in the big cities. A constant problem seems to be that it isn't being built enough new homes and that the wrong project is prioritized. In this blog post, we go through how your real estate investment can help reduce housing shortages in the long term.

How is the housing shortage affected by crowdlending?

One big reason why it is built too few homes is that the banks have tightened their lending. It is no longer as easy to borrow capital for property projects, which makes it more difficult for smaller construction and real estate companies. According to the National Board of Housing, Building and Planning, we would need to build 80,000 homes a year – which means that each year we build about 20,000 homes too few in Sweden.


By making property investments more accessible, chances are that more property projects then before can actually become a reality.


Since more property projects today than before (especially housing) are forced to be put on ice, because they lack sufficient funding, the need for alternative investments is large. In recent years, the market has opened up with more new financing solutions, such as crowdlending. Real estate investments are no longer limited to people with millions on the bank. With crowdlending, it becomes easier for you to invest in sound property projects – and at the same time help to reduce housing shortages.

By making property investments more accessible, chances are that more property projects than before can actually be realized. The good thing is that in principle anyone can participate and influence which projects to build depending on what they are interested in. For example, if there is interest in financing smaller projects in rural areas, several people can merge and do so through crowdlending. This means that the projects that for various reasons do not get loans from the bank can more easily find funding elsewhere.

For smaller projects, it may even be possible to finance the entire construction via, for example, crowdlending. This means, among other things, that projects in less attractive areas, such as suburbs, can get funding if theres in interest in the area. The main thing is that it is an economically sustainable project, the surroundings and the situation come second. The chances of developing neighborhoods where it is really necessary to build more homes will therefore increase when more funding sources are available.

What does the need for investors do in the real estate market?
The need for investors has never been greater than it is now and its growing every day. With the help of new funding channels, such as crowdlending, financing of projects that are beneficial from a social perspective is made possible. It is basically the investors (the crowd) who decide what to finance – which can have a direct positive impact on the housing shortage. If more people get their eyes on crowdlending, it becomes possible to make reality of more projects. In the long run, your investment can help reduce housing shortages and create housing for those who really need it. At the same time, those who choose to invest get an opportunity for a good return on their capital and a new addition to their investment portfolio.


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