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A smarter investment

For people who demand more of their investments

Demand more of your savings. Become part of our community today!

SBP Nordic enables you to invest in secured real estate loans without paying any fees. Welcome to a community of members who demand a little more of their savings and who want access to a smarter real estate investment. We work with real estate debt financing since 2017 and are a financial institution registered with the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. Since the start we have launched over 50 projects of which 11 are already repaid. Our repaid projects have given our investing members an average of 16.6% interest.

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SBP Nordic
is all about security


To be able to invest you need to become an accredited investor. We only work with the most modern and secure systems on the market today. They demand more of both us as a company and you as an investor. Do you accept the challenge?



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Get funding

Are you a developer?
Fast and flexible financing


SBP Nordic helps finance projects from 2-100 million SEK. Start by asking for a quote. After that we will contact you to make sure that your companie fulfilled the requirements to apply for funding.



SBP Nordic
in numbers


SBP Nordic is an ever expanding company, see below where we are right now in numbers (SEK).


SBP Nordic is
founded in Sweden
12 %
interest rate
invested in the market
repaid to investors
15 000
on the platform
total GDV
16,8 %
interest rate on repaid loans (IRR)


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